Working Out Our Workout Issues

10:00 PM

Hey everyone!

Lately I have noticed that I have been actually exercising more frequently and more willingly. Yes. I know, sounds weird huh?

Alright, let's backtrack and start from the beginning. In case you do not know, I am the most unathletic person ever. I hate exercising and I am terrible at sports. And I mean so bad that the sight of me playing sports might send you to the ER because you will bust a lung while collapsing with laughter. I try, really, I do. But it never works out to my advantage; only rarely, and I should stress RARELY, do I ever do okay in a sport. You might think, well what about running? No one can ever mess that up. Hahaha! Well, you better rethink that statement, hon. You obviously havent met the one person who could. Yep, this girl.

So how exactly do I manage to not gain hundreds of pounds because I really love food? Well, the simple answer is that I exercise, despite my intense hatred towards exercising.

What I do is I try to nip the problem at the bud. The biggest issue we face is being lazy. So before I let the couch potato in me take over, I force myself to rethink what I am doing. Should I really be sprawled across the sofa, the TV blaring in front of me, letting my mind turn to mush? Yeah the answer is no. Instead, before I even let my butt touch the couch and my hand reach for the TV remote, I think about how much time I have to waste. That hour of watching old Once Upon a Time episodes could be better spent doing other stuff, like exercising. Next time you see yourself just sitting there, stand up for a moment. Sure, you can still have the TV on, but why not try doing some sit-ups while watching? Or if there is a set of stairs nearby, go over there and run up and down, multiple times. Do not just run up and down once and call it quits.

I am an extremely lazy person. I have a problem with getting motivated to do stuff. This is something else I tried too. If you find that you have a lot of time in the morning, right after you wake up go and slip on your workout clothes. Tie your hair up tightly in a ponytail or whatnot. This way, you have one less excuse. You are already dressed for the part so why not go one step further? A major problem is actually getting started, so this is a way to help prevent that.

Another thing is that I highly recommend creating a workout schedule to stick with. Something reasonable that you would likely stick with. Don't be too eager and say "I will exercise an hour every single day!" if you are the type who don't even own a pair of sneakers. For me personally, I plan to exercise four times a week, not counting my dance classes. Being reasonable really helps with keeping you motivated, for if you start off thinking you can't stick with the schedule, then you will most definitely quit after the second day.

I really hope this helps. Coming from a person who also hates to exercise, I feel you. And for all you lucky fools out there who love to exercise or are good at sports, props to you! I hope your positive attitude towards exercising eventually rubs off on the rest of us.

How do you guys feel about exercising? Is it a major pain? And how do you stay with your schedule?

Til next time,

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