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Hey everyone!

I felt like talking about something that has been on my mind lately. This is more related to the whole "life" part of my blog. I just wanted to address the whole idea of Time.

I am a senior in high school and I will graduate in less than two weeks. Prom was last weekend and after that huge event has occurred, graduation hit me harder than ever. I cannot believe it has already been four years since I started high school. I still feel like that reserved freshman girl I was four years ago. I still feel like nothing has changed, like I haven't matured much yet. In many ways I have, and in many ways I haven't.

My whole life I would imagine how things would turn out years from now. I would imagine having the perfect high school life, the ideal. I would have a boyfriend, be social and outgoing, join clubs, accomplish things. And though I can tell that I have accomplished much since my freshman year, I also feel like I haven't.

I feel like I am running out of time, like there is only so little time left for me to get that high school experience. Except, why do I want that "ideal" so badly anyways? I can honestly say that I did have a good high school experience, even though it was not completely how I anticipated it to be.

There are still some things I wish I could do, some things I wish I could have done differently. However, I know that it is only the things that I haven't done that I can still do and still have control over. I just need to learn to let go of the past and accept it all as how it is. I honestly just want to make sure I have no regrets when I move on from high school and enter the real world.

I can't believe I will graduate soon, and I wish everyone else who is in my position the best of luck! Good luck in college or with whatever else you choose to do. There is still your whole life ahead of you for you to do as you wish, for you to make it how you want. Just go for it and reach for you dreams. Don't let your self-doubt and fears hold you back from anything.

Word of advice to all freshmen or other grades: do all you can now and do not be afraid of just trying. You will only be mad at yourself later on if you choose not to act when you can. Have fun and enjoy the time you have! Good luck to you all too.

This is not a typical update of mine, but I just wanted to talk about something that we don't normally discuss. Anyways, school is almost over and I will be putting more effort in updating more frequently! I also will post pictures of my prom dress, which, by the way, is a dress that I embellished and personalized myself.

Til next time,

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