Fall OOTD: How I Style Black Boots

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Hey everyone!

It's officially boots season. Or, well, it has been for a month now because it's fall and whatnot. But, what I mean is now is when the beautiful season of autumn finally begins to assert its presence around us. And with that comes the endless possibilities of creating a fall wardrobe.

Black boots are highly versatile; they can go with pretty much everything. I really love wearing black combat boots because they are super comfortable yet look chic. Going through everyday life requires a nice pair of shoes on my feet; otherwise by the end of the day, my feet would be crying from the pain and agony I had forced them through.

I personally love to find ways to continue wearing a few summer pieces throughout autumn until it really gets too chilly to continue doing so. One of the ways I get away with this is through wearing beautifully patterned tights with a versatile pair of shorts. Stuff your feet in a great pair of black boots and you are good to go!

blue patterned fishnets with white shorts

I know that wearing shorts with tights can be a bit overdone, kind of an old trend, but you can definitely find ways to revamp it! There are always ways to bring something back. If at one point something truly looked good and had style, it will always have style, it's just a matter of updating it and making it fit in a new context. 

printed black knit cardigan, white shorts, blue patterned fishnets, black combat boots

I chose to complement my black combat boots with gold detailing by wearing a pair of plain white shorts with blue patterned fishnets. I like to be pretty simple with my outfits, so I wore a plain black top and a printed black knit cardigan as well. I also added a simple long silver necklace with a small pendant. This way, the focus was on my tights and shoes.

blue printed fishnets with boots
Here are a closeup of the shoes I wore.
Although black combat boots are all the rage today, you are not limited to just that! There are endless possibilities when it comes to a nice pair of black boots. My sister recently purchased a pair of black booties from Famous Footwear. They have some detailing with a buckle. Honestly, a good pair of boots can really vamp up an outfit, and make you look more put together. What you wear on your feet can change your look. If she had chosen to wear a pair of sneakers instead, her black pants would have looked too casual. 

black boots with a buckle

Ignore the guy who chose to sit in the back and ruin my nice shot.
Fall OOTD black boots and tights with shorts
Oh good, that guy moved away in this shot. Guess they finally got the hint.

black boots

Lemme know in the comments below what you think! What are your favorite types of everyday shoes? How do you make the wardrobe switch from summer to fall?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Til next time,

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  1. loved your stockings dear....


  2. Replies
    1. thats awesome :) we've both got great taste eh? haha

  3. I love your second outfit!! I also like to combine summer and fall pieces! I have to buy a pair of black boot for this winter, cause I really love them! ^-^
    Have a lovely day dear! :*

    1. Thank you! And yes, transitional outfits are definitely the best! It saves you money and you get to wear certain pieces for longer :)
      thank you for reading!

  4. Loved the outfit! Shoes are going really well with it :)


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