OOTD: I'm Cold and Lazy Okay?

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ootd lazy and cold

Hey everyone!

When the weather gets cold and mucky out, all you want to do is to wrap yourself up in a cozy, fluffy blanket like a sushi roll with a big, steaming cup of hot cocoa in your hands. The last thing you want to do is figure out your outfit. Add on to that the pressure of midterms, and bam! Your desire to dress chic goes down the toilet, along with your hopes of having a How To Get Away With Murder marathon.

Here, I present to you what I like to call my "Got too much goin on but still want to look nice" outfit. It consists of five items, all of which I am sure most of you already have. The colors are of a neutral palette, so worry not about perfectly matching colors and patterns. When ya ain't got time, ya ain't got the time. Just don't worry about it.

lazy cold outfit

I gravitated towards a pair of black leggings because black leggings are bae in times like these. I also reached for a big, heather gray circle shirt. This shirt is loose, baggy yet sits on my frame well because of the circular shape. It's like a circle skirt, but for your torso. I then added a dark blue scarf because it is chilly outside. Yes, okay it does have some pattern to it. But the pattern is so subtle, you can't really go wrong with it. Scarves are your friend when you are having a lazy day. Then I layered a slate gray leather jacket on top. Like I mentioned before, leather jackets give the necessary oomph to an outfit without the added effort. To pull it all together, I wore my (yes you guessed it) trusty and comfy everyday black combat boots.

outfit for lazy days

OOTD lazy days

cozy blue scarf
Couldn't resist taking a quick selfie! Haha
It's honestly as easy as that. Super simple, super comfy, yet super chic. You look put together, like you tried, when in fact you really didn't.

heatless wavy hair

lazy outfit for cold fall days

quick easy outfit for lazy fall days

We just powered through September and October! We can make it to the holiday season, we can. A few short weeks and those cloudy gray skies wouldn't be as depressing any longer. Can't you hear that faint jolly sound of sleigh bells in the air? I can't, but I know they are fast approaching. 

What do you like to wear on dreary, cold autumn days? Lemme know in the comments below!

Til next time,

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'll definitely let my photographer know! (meaning my sister whom I convinced to help me mwa ha ha ha)

  2. Such a great off-duty look - I'm obsessed with jumper dresses this year, so cosy yet they always look put together! :) x

    Viva Epernay ❤

    1. I agree with you, dresses are a great way to look put together quickly. They always look so good dressed up or down. Thanks for reading!


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