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Hey everyone!

You read that title right! I recently made a YouTube video with one of my best friends. We had some (more like a lot) of time on our hands, and a perfectly working DSLR. We figured, why not do a video? As we are both fairly new to this YouTube thing, filming a video where we answered some questions as sort of an introduction was the best way to go. And, thus the TMI tag was chosen.

For the longest time ever, I’ve contemplated starting a YouTube channel. Not to join the mass of new YouTubers who recently started because of the supposed promise of fame and wealth. No. Rather it’s because it’s another platform, another medium in which I can express myself and utilize as a creative outlet. I’ve wanted to create some videos as a way to showcase another side of me, one that cannot be shown simply through visuals and writing.

Us being us
A couple weeks ago, I stayed up for over 36 hours because of a photography assignment where we documented changes in light over a 24 hour period. Luckily, I wasn’t stuck alone. I had one of my best friends with me. What started as something that seemed really tiring and annoying ended up being really fun. A new adventure.

I met my friend Jake early in January, as we were both taking a printmaking class. That’s where I also met Justin, who I’ve featured before in my post with JORD wood watches. The three of us hit it off quickly, and we soon became really close. There are times when you meet someone, and you just know right away things click. Jake is pretty much like my other half, the brother I never had, as we both are so incredibly similar it can be shocking at times.

I swear he brings out the crazy in me. When the two of us are together we CANNOT stop laughing! Our craziness and high energy is literally insane. He is incredibly funny and sassy, as am I. Those who say best friends take time is wrong because the two of us became close so fast.

Laughing like crazy exhibit A 
Laughing like crazy exhibit B

You know you’ve got a friend for life when you spend the time not with them glued to your phone talking to them. The reason why my phone battery drains so easily is because we are literally ALWAYS on Snapchat. We definitely utilize those ridiculous filters to the max!

As Jake has a YouTube channel (called Thatsrightitsjj), we decided to fill the time between the photos during the 24 hour period by filming a video for his channel. We’ve been wanting to do a video together for awhile now, and we decided when would be better than then?

Cuz we from da hood. Hahaha kidding 

Oh look us laughing yet again. We can't ever hold it in for normal photos
Through Jake's YouTube channel you will definitely get what I mean about his humor and sass. He creates comedic content, whether it be rants, reaction videos, or other random bits.

Thus we decided to do the TMI tag. Even though no one actually tagged him. But, that’s the fun of it. Answering a bunch of random questions as a way to awkwardly (or perhaps slightly not awkwardly) introduce yourself.

After watching, you might like me more, or you just might hate me. We literally filmed it at 5 am, after being half done with the project. It's a different side to me you've never seen before. Filming is surprisingly not awkward to me. I didn't feel weird being in front of the camera or anything. I wonder if it's perhaps I've been blogging for awhile now, so I feel comfortable in front of a camera? I have no idea.

Comment down below what you thought! Did you like watching this YouTube video? Lemme know in the comments what you thought of the TMI tag! 

Also, if I were to start a YouTube channel, would you want to watch? Lemme know in the comments below! 

I may just stick with being featured in his videos because then I don’t have to do the editing haha (I’m so lazy I know) but who knows?

Thanks for stopping by! I really hope you enjoyed reading, and that you enjoy watching the video! 

Definitely go and subscribe to his channel! I will probably be featured more in the future too. If you wanna see more of my face, GO SUBSCRIBE! As I said in the video outro, it won’t kill you to subscribe so why not? I’m clever I know.

Have a wonderful day!!

Til next time,

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  1. Amazing video and photos! Love the laughing ones!

  2. This is too cute! I love your video. It was funny, causal, and different. Keep it up love!

    XOXO Thee Lovingrose

    New Post:

  3. I definitely think you should start your own YouTube channel, it would be amazing! I have always thought about doing it myself but think I will stick with the blogging for now. It's lovely that you have made some great friends and friends like these are ones to keep hold of :) Good luck with your photography project! x

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  6. The styling is everything!
    Did you get my message of possible collaboration?

  7. i really appreciate this thank you for sharing!


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