Snapshots of My Life: Printing with Printiki

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A Glimpse of Glam Snapshots of My Life: Printing with Printiki - Andrea Tiffany

Hey everyone!

It’s officially summer! Now I cannot say I’m looking forward to summer anymore because it finally is. Sunny skies, hot weather, cold drinks, and endless days. Lots of time to create many happy memories. Time to make Summer 2017 worth it. What better way to document those great times than through photos? And taking that a step further, and printing them with Printiki?

Oh yes. Sign me up. My walls will soon be looking like an actual Instagram feed.

A Glimpse of Glam Printing with Printiki - Andrea Tiffany

It’s been a month since I’ve last given you guys an update. Apologies.. as usual. I am on Instagram at least several times a week updating things on my story, so definitely follow me on IG to keep updated more regularly haha. I post random things that happen in my life on my story. It becomes almost like vlogging in a way with how long my story can get with the random snippets of my life that I share.

As mentioned before, summer is the time to make the most of your days. The best way to document that is through photos. Whether that be through Snapchat, Instagram, or simply taking some photos on your phone. I literally take so many photos when I’m out with my friends it’s like I am documenting every single moment. My photos library is constantly bursting with photos from a day’s adventures.

Lately, as you may have noticed the whole Polaroid prints and vintage aesthetic have been trendy. Polaroid cameras used to be a huge thing back in the 90’s. It was common to capture a moment through that small camera, and have it instantly ready for viewing on a slightly blurry print. Nowadays you can go to your nearest Target or Best Buy or whatever other store, and still be able to purchase a Polaroid camera.

I really love the idea of having printed photos even if it wasn’t trendy, as having a physical series of small prints is a completely different feel than simply having everything digitally available. While I may have thousands of photos on my computer, my Instagram, my phone, I barely have any actual printed photos. For one, it is not always that convenient to go and get photos printed. For another, it can cost quite a bit for good quality photos. I think the last time I bought actual printed photos was when I went on the New England cruise last September. Before that I think I last purchased print photos for my high school graduation. When did you last get photos printed?

Printiki Prints - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

While I love the Polaroid photo aesthetic, I sadly do not have a Polaroid camera myself. I'm also not planning on going to buy one either! Sorry, I'm not made of rubies. Or diamonds. Even if diamonds are a girl's best friend. Nor do I have the time to get my photos printed out at Costco or Bartells or some other drugstore. I am a busy uni student! Ain’t got time for that! If I don’t have the time to wash my makeup brushes (oops yes I am well aware I should be doing that more often instead of buying more brushes to avoid washing, hahah who else does that?), I certainly don’t have the time to drive somewhere to get photos printed. Why, I could be using that time to do other “important” things like watching more Netflix, or getting sucked into the blackhole of Grey’s Anatomy fandoms. Oops did I just admit that? Haha who am I kidding? We all have our quirks. Tangent aside, there is a super simple and easy way to actually get your photos printed without having to actually leave your house!

Recently, I got the chance to get my photos printed through Printiki. Printiki is a company that prints photos. They offer a ton of customization for your prints.  You can choose from different types of borders, adding in captions to your photos, and changing up the size of your prints. It’s all done online, and you basically upload your photos to get them printed.

For my prints, I chose to get a set of 30 prints in the 4” by 4” Retro Square format, with captions added onto each photo. The result resembled almost like Polaroids because of the square format with the captions. I really love how that turned out. I added in the date for each photo, along with a short little phrase to accompany it. I really like how there were so many fonts to choose from when adding in the captions. I didn’t know which to choose because I liked how they all looked, but I wanted them all to be more or less uniform so I chose the same one for all. However, you can vary the font and format of each photo if you wanted. For instance, if you were printing a set of 30 and half were to go to your friend, you could change up the format of some and keep the rest in a separate style. It’s super easy to customize.

Printiki Printing Photos - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Printing Photos using Printiki - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

You can see from all my photos that I chose to include from various times of my life. What I really like about this is that I could connect my Instagram to Printiki to import photos from my Instagram account. It makes it really easy to choose a photo I like from my Instagram, without having to find the original on my phone or computer. You can upload photos in a variety of ways, and it’s super easy to do.

I am planning on arranging my photos in a collage of some sort to arrange on my walls. I like how the ones I got are in square format, so it almost replicates an Instagram feed.

Print Instagram Photos Printiki - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Printiki Printing Photos from Instagram - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Printiki Photo Printing - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam
Photos featuring some of my close friends and I
Evidence of my nearly unhealthy Snapchat addiction
If you wanted, you could also choose larger sizes. They offer sizes such as 6” by 4”, 7” by 5”. You could even choose poster format and get them larger at 12” by 18”. I’m actually considering getting some photos printed larger to put up on my walls.

As it is all online, once you order it all you gotta do is sit back and wait until it arrives in the mail. You literally don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to. Mine arrived in the mail pretty fast. It shipped within the United States so it was fairly quick. Of course the shipping time would definitely depend on and vary based on where you live.

Printing Photos using Printiki Photos of My Life - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Printing Photos Printiki Photos of My Life - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam
The time I was in a Youtube video with my friend Jake from Thatsrightitsjj
Printing Photos Printiki Snapshots of My Life - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam
All those memories from when I graduated high school.. can't believe its been so long already!

Using Printiki to Print Photos - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam
Me and Justin from that time I featured Men's Style in my JORD wood watch post
This was also the day we took the photos for the Styling a Men's Shirt post

I’m really satisfied with the quality of the prints as well. I chose to have them glossy, rather than matte. The feel of it is not cheap, and the paper is sturdy and of good quality. I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Using Printiki to Print Photos from Instagram - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Snapshots of My Life using Printiki to Print Photos - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Photo Printing Printiki - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Instagram Photos Printed Printiki - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

In case you guys are still hesitant of this, I do have a CODE for you guys to use when ordering your prints to get free shipping! I know that you guys live all around the world, and shipping can end up costing just as much as if not more than the actual product itself.

Use this code at checkout for free shipping:

This will definitely help you out a lot! I know I’m personally planning on getting more printed because my walls are so sad and empty. I need to transfer all my digital memories to print. Once my walls resemble to chaotic camera roll I will be happy. Just kidding, not that extreme. Maybe.

Also, definitely go check out Printiki on Instagram for some other cool ideas for your photos! They share a bunch of inspiration for photography and things of that sort.

Snapshos of My Life Instagram Print Photos Printiki - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Have you ever printed through Printiki before?

How do you guys arrange and display your print photos? Do you prefer framing them individually, or just arranging on your walls? Lemme know in the comments below! I would love to get some ideas and inputs from you guys!

Thank you all for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

I hope you all are having a wonderful June, and an amazing summer so far.

Til next time,

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  1. Ooh I already heard about Printiki and they actually have nice reviews about it. Would love to try it too :D

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

  2. Great post and photos! It's beautiful that you have all those memories in one place. :-)

  3. Ooh this is so cool! Polaroid film is so expensive, so this a much better cheaper and more convenient alternative!
    We nominated you for the mystery blogger award!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. This is such a cute idea and yeah I've also been thinking about getting a polaroid camera but now used a disposable camera and am waiting for my pictures to develop!

    xx, rebecca

  5. Your photos are beautiful! I haven't had photos printed in a decade, and my printer died a couple of years ago. I like the idea of having some photo-collages on walls. I had't heard of Printiki but I like the look of those photo prints.


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