OOTD ..as a bird, Pad Thai, and Other Thoughts

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Hey everyone!

Yes, you read that right. Like my outfit of the day?

I was browsing Urban Outfitters with my friend the other day and we came across this section that had animal mask heads. Of course, us being us, we just had to touch them and try em on.

How you doin'? (in the Joey voice from Friends)
The slate gray faux-leather jacket really compliments that shiny black beak, wouldn't you agree? My pink and black polka-dot top has been in my closet forever, but I love the top because it can go well with a lot of my clothes. I really like versatile items, such as leather jackets, solid colored skirts, scarves, etc. I'm very minimalistic like that, yet my style isn't entirely too plain.

It was my birthday the other day and after class, my friend and I were going to grab lunch at this Thai place nearby. However, we didn't think to check beforehand what time it would open. We ended up having to wait for over an hour. Thai Tom opens at 11:30 am, and our class ended at 10:20 am. Because of that, we just decided to walk around and browse some of the nearby shops.

I wonder how her dog, who happens to be a german shepherd as well, would react to that mask.
After a long time perusing through various stores, the Thai places finally opened. It was definitely worth the wait! We joined the handful of people already lined up outside of the restaurant and waited to get a seat. When my friend told me this place would be crowded, she wasn't kidding. It was super cramped inside, and dark as well. The seats were placed close together, and there were only a couple two-person tables set up along with a few bar stools. The entire set up made it resemble some sort of street corner food-stand in Asia.

I wanted to try something different because I haven't really had Thai before. But, me being super unadventurous, I ended up ordering tofu pad thai, which is what I usually order for Thai food. I really want to try new foods, but I get worried about not liking it. I usually end up ordering the safest things, for fear of not liking the foods, waste of money, and allergies. Lemme know in the comments if there's any Thai food I should give a try, and I will put it on my To Do list!

tofu pad thai
Tofu pad thai, super tasty!

thai tom tofu pad thai
This was SOOO delicious!

thai tom shrimp pad thai
My friend ordered a shrimp pad thai.
My friend got pad thai as well, except she ordered the shrimp one instead. When the waitress asked us how spicy we wanted it, based on a scale of 1-5, I didn't really know how to respond. The few times I had pad thai I usually order it as mild. So I asked for 2 because I can handle spicy, but I wanted to play it safe (because I am like that). Plus, the water tasted weird and if the food ended up too spicy, I wouldn't have anything to help cool down the roaring fire in my mouth. My friend asked for 3, and she ended up wishing that she had ordered 4 instead. My spicy rating of 2 was already pretty spicy. Guess I can't handle spicy as well as I thought I could.

Definitely let me know what foods I should consider trying! Share some of your favorite experiences with trying new food places down below!

Til next time,

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  1. Happy late birthday! The food looks very delicious! I tend to stick with food I know as well, because I have several food intolerances so it's always safer to go with what I know won't make me sick.


    1. Thank you! And yes it tasted amazing. Yeah I totally get u, food intolerances are the worst. I have a few of em myself and they always make me nervous to try new things. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Haha, those poses though! Nice post! xx


    1. Thank you! Haha yes dont we look so modelchic with those poses?

  3. follow for follow? cute blog xx

    1. Thank u! And sure I just followed u. Thank u for visiting!


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