Guest Post: Is Activated Charcoal the New Black in Beauty

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A Glimpse of Glam: Guest Post Is Activated Charcoal the New Black in Beauty - Andrea Tiffany

Hey everyone!

One thing that always will ring true is that beauty starts from within. That being said, no matter how much makeup you pile on your face, you will look your best if you start instead by taking care of your skin. One product that has fascinated me immensely, and has become quite trendy lately, is activated charcoal as a beauty product.

Today I've got a guest post to share with you all by Zara, a writer who I've featured here on my blog in the past with a guest post other skincare tips. Keep on reading to gain more tips on how to integrate activated charcoal into your beauty routine!

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Is Activated Charcoal the New Black in Beauty?

Chances are you’ve heard of or even used activated charcoal in some form or another. Famous for its detoxifying properties, it has been prescribed for ages as a go-to dietary supplement to “trap” and prevent toxins from entering your bloodstream. It has also been used for cleansing in everything from water filters, soaps and gas masks to toothpaste and exfoliating facial scrubs.

This strange, all-around substance definitely has its perks as a beauty-enhancing tool, but has it earned the reputation of being the latest trend to take over the beauty world, much like the coconut oil craze before it? Let’s take a look at some of the useful applications of activated charcoal as a beauty ingredient, and why it might soon become the new black in beauty trends!

Youthful radiance

What country first comes to mind when you think of sun-kissed women of untamed beauty and their absolute devotion to a holistic, healthy lifestyle? Australia, of course! Absolute goddesses of DIY, all-natural beauty tricks, these ladies know a healthy ingredient when they see one. No matter if you opt for a pure home-made solution such as a facemask of nothing but water and activated charcoal, or a store-bought product such as Buddy Scrub, you’ll reap the rewards in no time.

As Australian women know well, caring for your skin requires nothing more than a simple touch of nature to nourish your complexion. So for best results, introduce a facemask or a scrub with activated charcoal, and you will be able to simplify your routine while increasing its impact. It will cleanse your pores, keep away that pesky acne, pimples, and other imperfections, while at the same time detoxing it from daily exposure to harmful elements.

Guest Post: Is Activated Charcoal the New Black in Beauty - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

A dashing smile

Charcoal as a teeth-whitening tool? As contradictory as it may sound, activated charcoal can do wonders for your dental hygiene, and not just from a cleansing point of view, but also in terms of beautifying your smile. Add a pinch of powdered activated charcoal to your regular toothpaste and voila! You have a healthy, whitening paste to cleanse your teeth and protect your wonderful inner flora.

However, since some people have exceptionally sensitive gums and enamel, we once again turn to the experts from Down Under for health advice. According to some eminent dental specialists, a safe, effective alternative to this is a technique called internal bleaching, which takes about two weeks to show results and keeps your teeth healthy. This is why lots of Aussies turn to Australian Dental Specialists and some other clinics to get the best possible results. Also, it would be wise to consult your dentist if it is okay to use an activated charcoal toothpaste after the treatment, to maintain the desired results.

Lush hair

Instead of shampoos with harmful chemicals or heavy oils that supposedly nourish your hair and scalp, you can actually find hair products that are based on this wonder-substance, combined with other natural minerals and ingredients that will give you a deep cleanse, detox your hair, rid you of dandruff and restore your skin’s natural pH value.

When used regularly, activated charcoal can help your hair regain its volume and lush look, without excessive use of styling products. As opposed to other all-natural DIY shampoos and masks that tend to be time-consuming and easy to spend quickly, you can browse through a selection of shampoo bars and soaps that are designed to thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp without depriving it of natural oils.

Guest Post: Is Activated Charcoal the New Black in Beauty - A Glimpse of Glam Andrea Tiffany

Eliminate toxins

To go back to its primary purpose, activated charcoal should be in everyone’s first-aid kit for those unfortunate situations when you’ve eaten something you weren’t supposed to, drank too much alcohol or have consumed a known allergen. How does it work? It attracts and collects all harmful elements and prevents them from entering your digestive tract, so you can simply “flush” the toxins with the help of a single activated charcoal pill.

The treatment, however, can have negative side-effects if you go overboard or take it together with other medication, so make sure to consult a medical professional before self-prescribing an approximate amount. Too much of it, and you might deprive your body of much-needed nutrients because activated charcoal, unfortunately, can’t tell the difference between the good and the bad content of your stomach. 

It seems that this simple substance can come in handy in many areas of your beauty routine, so it’s no wonder an increasing number of brands are putting it on their ingredients lists and more health gurus are sharing their expertise on how to apply it safely from head to toe. 

Make sure to explore your options before you settle for the perfect activated charcoal product for your bathroom shelf, and of course, always stay on top of the latest beauty trends to ensure that your routine is based on tried and tested methods and healthy solutions! 
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I hope you all enjoyed reading this guest post! Activated charcoal is a really affordable beauty trick that we all know little about. As with most DIY natural beauty tricks, it may not work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try out! 

Comment down below what you thought! How would you use activated charcoal in your beauty regime? Have you tried out activated charcoal before? Lemme know in the comments! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these useful tips on how to integrate activated charcoal into your beauty routine! I know that it's starting to become monthly or twice monthly posts, but I'm doing my best to be as active as I can! I hope you are all doing well, and I will be catching up on all your guys' blogs soon! Gotta keep updated!

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you all a wonderful day!

Til next time,

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  1. Well this was interesting! I've used charcoal masks before but teeth whitening! Who would've known!
    Kate x

    1. I'm glad you loved it. Activated charcoal is really great for many things. I was so happy when I discovered it :) Would go on with experimenting with it for sure :) Thanks for reading!

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  2. This is a beautiful post different from the usual and I really loved it! So interesting :) have a nice day xx

  3. Hi Andrea! How are you?
    I never heard about the benefits of charcoal in beauty so this post is so interesting for me! I have to try some charcoal shampoo for my hair cause they need some help at the moment!
    Thanks for your tips!

  4. I've heard so many good things about activated charcoal. I used a an activated charcoal face scrub and could really tell the difference!

  5. I have heard of charcoal being used in so many beauty products but I have never thought about taking it in a pill form to help reduce toxins in the body. I think I would be a bit cautious about taking it just myself but it sounds like something worth looking into a bit more :) x

  6. I haven't used charcoal before, but I've sure heard great things about it. This is a well details post with great information. Thanks for the education, Andrea. I will look into it. :)

  7. I'm familiar with activated charcoal but the only place I've tried it is in one of my cleansers! It's pretty cool and I've been looking for charcoal toothpastes for whitening purposes.

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud

  8. Natural products are the best and the only ones that actually work! Cool post Andrea!
    Impulse Buy ♥ Maxi Cabas Le Baltard ♥ Sonia Rykiel
    Fashion Musings Diary

  9. I've heard a little about activated charcoal. Thanks for explaining in-depth!
    Adi xx

  10. I love the idea of this but have not tried it yet!

    Gemma x

  11. Such a amazing pictures and post!!
    Mónica Sors

  12. Lovely idea. I have been seeing lots of products like that lately!

  13. I love this! I have an activated charcoal mask that works wonders!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Great guest post, you opened up new horizons with it, Zara. I have heard about benefits of activated charcoal - I've heard that it's great for tooth and amazing product to eliminate toxins, but I've never thought that it would be great for hair as well, I have to try it out :)

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