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My current mascaras and eyelash curler
Hey everyone!

So I bet you read "curls" and thought I meant hair curling methods, correct? Well, I actually was referring to the hair that grows from that flap of skin above your eyeballs. That's right. I'm talking about curling your lashes!

This is a frequently visited topic in the beauty world. We're always told how curling your lashes makes the biggest difference in the world. Your face instantly looks more awake. You're lashes are given that va-va-voom effect. When given the option to choose only one makeup tool, many would say an eyelash curler. And, yes. I agree. Having curled lashes does make a difference to your face. I love having curled lashes; they really complete a makeup look. And even by itself, just having curled your lashes, you instantly look more put together. 

However, to be honest, this is also the biggest thing I have a problem with. I hate the process of curling my lashes. I would hold that dang metal clamp against my eyes for all of eternity. After I release the clamp, my lashes are nice and curled. But once that mascara wand touches my eyelashes in an attempt to coat them in black goop to thicken and elongate, those stubborn lashes would droop back down. They love to just stick straight out and stay that way. It's just so frustrating! Without mascara, they will be happy to cope with me and curl nicely. Yet as soon as the mascara begins to brush through, those lashes will uncurl. 

Do any of you have that problem too?

I don't want to not put on mascara because I love the effect mascara gives. I like to lengthen and thicken my lashes. I feel like they make my eyes look bigger and give me a more doe-eyed appearance. They complete a makeup look. And I would think to myself, ooh look at that pretty fringe around my eyes. But for some unknown reason, curled lashes and mascara do not go hand-in-hand for me. I know that curling lashes after putting on mascara is bad because you can easily rip out your lashes, and you can clump up your lashes too. So I oftentimes simply go without curling my lashes and just mascara them. Using only mascara gives a slight lift to my lashes if I hold the wand against my lashes for ten to fifteen seconds several times. So, maybe I found a solution? I don't know. There should be a better way to do this than what I'm currently doing.

E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler
The eyelash curler I am currently using is the E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler. I used to have one from The Body Shop, but last May someone stole my makeup bag and sadly, that eyelash curler was taken from me. I was in need for an eyelash curler for the time being, while I was researching the best eyelash curler. One day, I was walking around Grocery Outlet and I came across the beauty aisle. I saw this eyelash curler and decided to get it. I have read some positive reviews of it before, though obviously there are way better high-end ones I could get too. I believe I bought this for a dollar. I wanted something to use while I was looking for a really good one. I have heard that the Shu Uemura lash curler was good, but I didn't want to waste the money getting it without knowing exactly how good it was. 

This works quite well, as long as I am not putting mascara on after curling my lashes. I think it was worth that dollar. I do recommend this one, if any of you are ever in need for an eye lash curler. Though, I am still looking for another one.

Clinique mascara gift box set
In case you are wondering, the mascara I use came in this Clinique gift box set. I received this from "Santa" for Christmas this year. I am currently using the first one at the top, the high impact mascara. I really love this mascara. I am normally a drugstore makeup kind of girl. I like to save my money and buy affordable-and-cheap-but-still-good-quality-makeup. This way, I can buy more with less money. Smart, I know. Haha!

Anyways, I really do like this mascara. This is one of the few non-drugstore makeup items I own. I like how this mascara thickens my lashes. I have also tried the bottom-lash mascara, the one at the side that is vertical in the box. That one is quite nice too, and I like how easily I can coat my bottom lashes with mascara.

Let me know if you want me to do an extended review on my favorite mascaras! 

What mascara problems do you guys have? Do you ever have issues with curling your lashes too? And if you have any helpful tips, please share!

Til next time,

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  1. you could use eyelash serums. they basically make your lashes look healthier and for me, it helped them hold a curl longer :) btw, great blog!

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