My Week in Review: Feb 23/14

8:30 PM

Hey everyone!

I want to start this thing where I talk about my week and share the good and the bad. This way, I can share more of my life with you and think of all the things I have done, and haven't done.

Collage of things from my week
So, to start off, the entire past week was a school break for me. I didn't have school and I was able to lounge around at home, doing nothing, and not feel too guilty. I literally planted myself on the couch, laptop by my side, with the TV on, and stayed that way for most of the week. However, there was something memorable I did this week, besides being lazy. I created A Glimpse of Glam!

I have wanted to make a blog for the longest time. As I have mentioned in my Intro post, I want a chance to meet others who are also interested in fashion and beauty. I want to share aspects of my life and rant on about things that I find interesting.

Thank you to those of you who are reading my blog and following me! This really gives me the support to continue with blogging. At first, I was unsure if I should start, wondering if anyone would even want to read what I write. So, thank you for following my blog and I really look forward to blogging more and following those of you with blogs as well! This is a learning experience for me and I want to gain more knowledge in fashion and beauty, as well as make new friends and connect with all of you!

Anyways, besides making this blog, there were other things I did too.

My relatives came to visit and brought along with them some delicious cake! It was pretty good and I just had to take some pictures, for they were beautifully decorated.

I also heard from a friend that it snowed up north. Where I'm from, there wasn't any snow, only a ton of rain. I was jealous when I heard that some places had snow. The pictures were taken by a friend, showing the winter wonderland that the snow had created.

I'm currently taking a photography class at school. Over the break, I was to take some pictures and I decided to insert some that I took. Please do not judge! I don't call myself a photographer for a reason. Haha! But I just wanted to show all of you some of the pictures I took.

I also watched for the first time, the movie The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. That movie was hilarious! I watched that movie with several of my friends. It took quite awhile for us to get through the entire movie because we kept having interruptions. Every time we randomly paused the movie, it would pause at someone making a meme-worthy face! If you haven't watched it yet, definitely watch it because it's quite funny!

The one thing I hate having to do during school breaks is having to get dressed to go anywhere. During this week, I had to go to the dentist three times. Three times! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Yup, you didn't read that wrong. Crazy, I know.

So those are some of the things I did this week. What fun or interesting things did you guys do this past week? I want to hear about some of the things that happened to you guys!

Til next time,

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