Nail Polish Obsessions

6:45 PM

Hey everyone!

I have nail polish obsessions and I admit it. Okay, you are all probably thinking I am crazy right about now. Lemme start this again.

Recently I've noticed something quite interesting. I love to paint my nails, seeing the beautiful designs I can create on the tips of my fingers. But, no sooner than one day after my nails are done, I start to pick at the polish. There is just this satisfaction with picking off nail polish.

No matter how pretty and complex that design is, I always feel this desire to ruin it. It's quite weird, but I know I cannot be the only one out there who likes to do this.

It is such a pain to have this strange obsession because I can never have beautifully done nails. I always see these magazine pictures of girls with perfect nails and celebs with shiny, manicured nails. And I think to myself, Oh I think I can do that. It doesn't look too hard! And, well yes. Sure I can replicate a certain style, but that doesn't mean the design will stay long on my nails! Which is why I don't get my nails done because it is a waste of money to get them done and ruin them the next day.

I have always wished to be one of those people who hate to have undone nails. I always wanted to have perfect nails, but sadly I don't.

Do you have this weird obsession too?

Til next time,

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