Liebster Award: Part Two

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Hey everyone!

Guess what? I received yet another surprise! I was nominated a THIRD time for the Liebster award! Three times in one week! This really made me so happy!

I was nominated by Belle from thank you so much for nominating me!! I'm so happy that I was nominated again and this means a lot to me. Although I recently (as in my last blog post) did the Liebster Award, I still would like to participate and I will answer the questions. Click here to see the 11 facts about me and my answer's to Grace's and Ana's questions!

So, without further ado let's jump into the questions

Favorite subject while at school?
Definitely art! I love being able to be creative and have little limits in what I can do. Sometimes I don't admit to people I'm good at/like art because then my perfectionist and OCD side slips out as well, which makes finishing group projects on time way more difficult.  

What is one of your hobbies?
I like to sew. I recently learned how to sew and it's really fun!

If you were given $1000 what would you spend it on?
I think I would buy a ton of new clothes and get some gifts for my close friends, if I were feeling generous. Or, I would save a hundred or so and donate the rest of the money to various charities.

Would you rather go on a relaxing holiday or an adventurous holiday?
An adventurous holiday! I can always relax at home, but how often would I get the opportunity to have an adventure? ...Unless an adventure meant going out of my comfort zone. Like being stranded in the middle of the Sahara desert and having to live off of cacti and coyotes or something; I mean, that is an adventure alright, but certainly not my cup of tea! 

What is your best memory as a teenager?
Oh gosh! There are so many good memories, and I am still a teenager. I guess, one of the best ones would have to be going to the Homecoming dance my senior year. My friends and I, we spent over 6 hours getting ready. By the time we went downstairs to meet the guys, they were so bored they fell asleep on the couch. We were so late, we ended up eating dinner after the dance instead!

Most used lipstick?
So this is kind of hard because I have been trying to branch out and try out lipsticks, for I normally use tinted lip balms and lip glosses. It's way easier to touch up and requires less maintenance. My most frequently used tinted lip balm would be my Revlon ColorBurst lip butter in Berry Smoothie. It's a nice pink that is only several shades darker than my natural lip color, so it is perfect for everyday usage. 

Do you prefer summer or winter and why?
I think I prefer the summer. It's hard to choose because the winter is always really pretty and its the holiday season. I love snow, and having a long break from school is always nice. Summer can be bad because it's the end of a school year, and I always hate endings of any kind. But I will go with summer because it's also a way longer vacation and there is so much more to do in the summer. The bright, sunny weather also makes me happier than the dark gloominess of winter. 

One item you can't live without?
My phone!! But, I mean, if I were to think realistically, it would have to be lotion since I have easily dry skin. Or tissues because my allergies always act up in the morning. Or medicine because I need to take my meds. Then again, who's saying we gotta be realistic? Haha, my phone it is! 

Boho or grunge style?
Boho is definitely more my style!

What made you become a blogger?
I always get so much inspiration from other bloggers. And, I too have so many thoughts and opinions I want to share to people. I want to inspire others, the way others have inspired me. I want to have a way to reach out to others and connect with those who have similar interests as me. It took awhile for me to finally decide on starting my own blog. But, I figured there is no harm in trying. 

If you could choose one actress to play your life in a movie who would it be and why? 
Hahaha this was one of the questions that I answered before too! If there was a movie about my life, I would definitely want to star in it! After all, no one can be me better than me....I hope

Thank you for reading and if you want to see who I had nominated in my last post click here! Feel free to answer those questions too in the comments because I would love to learn more about you guys too!

Til next time,

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  1. Congrats! That is awesome. Nice work being nominated!


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