My Week in Review: March 2/14

10:18 PM

Hey everyone!

This past week has been pretty good. I can't believe it is already Sunday night! I really don't feel like waking up with the moon still out and about, and having to get ready for school. Then again, I had a great week last week and I can't wait to see what this coming week has in store for me!

The first thing I want to say is holy flapjacks! In a span of three days, I was nominated THREE TIMES for the Liebster Award! I am still in shock about that and I am so grateful! This didn't just make my day, it made my week! Okay, enough about me ranting on about this haha even though I am still very happy!

Here's something new, I actually cleaned my room too! My room has been a huge mountain of random junk for the longest time. But, I took the time to clear out the stuff I don't need and to hang up my clothes. Before, my clothes were in a messy pile in front of my closet, daring to topple over and crush me at any moment. Yet, since I found that I had some time on my hands, I decided to clean my room. I hung up my clothes and straightened up everything. I don't know about you, but there is just this feeling of satisfaction when you clean your room. It looks so nice I don't exactly think it is mine anymore. Haha!

I know I'm sounding very boring right now, talking about cleaning my room. Haha! But I didn't have many new things happen to me this week, so I decided to rant about something stupid and boring in hopes of being entertaining.

I take a jewelry class at school and I am almost done making my first necklace. I'm designing this gold statement necklace and as soon as I and done I will post a picture!

HUGE APOLOGIES RIGHT NOW!! I didn't really update anything new in my blog this past week, and I apologize for that. But, be sure to check out my blog in this upcoming week, as I will be posting more stuff!

There weren't many interesting things that I did this week, so this post is going to be pretty short. Anyways, have a great Sunday night and take the time to be well rested so that you will actually be awake on Monday!

What I like to do in the mornings to wake up is soak a face towel in cold water and hold it to my face. This really helps wake me u. It also helps tighten pores and bring down any swelling or redness you might have on your face.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I promise you I will update more this week!

Til next time,

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