Simply Chic Dutch Braid Bun

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Hey everyone!

You know those days when you are just bored in class and don't know what to do? But, luckily you have a friend who doesn't mind and lets you experiment new hair ideas whenever you want? Yeah, I had one of those days this week. And using only one hair tie I created this simple yet chic braid that flows into a bun. I'm not kidding. I only used one hair tie!

Dutch braid and messy bun
This is how it looks from the back. Very simple and straightforward. It's only a braid that travels diagonally down and ends in a nice messy bun. My friend only had one hair tie, so I had to make do with using only a hair tie to keep her hair in a nice style. 

This is a great take on a messy bun because it looks like you put more effort in and makes you look more put together as well. 

Side view
I always find that when you want no-fuss hairstyles, using a hair tie is always the best option. Same goes for braids. They make your hair stay in place by using other pieces of hair to hold it in, which is way better than using pins. 

Front twist into dutch braid
She naturally has a right side part, but I wanted to part it on the left side just to see how it looks. And when I did her hair, I kept it that way. I twisted the front pieces tightly then began a braid. I was going to start a French braid, but I realized that to keep the twist in place a Dutch braid would be the best option because the pieces of hair twist away from her face and a Dutch braid pulls hair under, so it flows the same direction as the twist. 

I added the twist just because it gave it a unique look and pulled her bangs away from her face nicely. 

How the bun looks
I was going to just braid it off to end it, but I decided to do something else. I thought a bun would look cute. I tried wrapping the braid into a bun, but that didn't hold as nicely with only one hair tie. So what I did was loosened the end of the braid, while still keeping the base of the end braid tight then made a messy bun. I pulled out some strands hear and there so that it sat nicely.

I think this is a great hairstyle to do when you want an easy look that takes little effort, yet still produces chic and slightly bohemian results. It's like business in the front and party in the back! Because of the hair being pulled away from your face neatly and ending in a big, messy bun. Hahaha! 

When you are ever stuck with just one hair tie and don't want to revert to a simple ponytail, try out this hairstyle! Let me know how this works out for you!

Til next time,

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