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Hey everyone!

I love to get dressed up for no reason sometimes. Just slip on a nice outfit, fix up my hair and makeup, and complete it all with the perfect accessories. I find that the finishing touch to an outfit is the accessories you add to it. You can even dress up a boring old t-shirt just by adding a statement necklace. It's so easy the laziest person on Earth can accomplish it.

The other day when one of my friends got all dressed up, I noticed the jewelry she had stacked on her fingers and wrists. They were so unique, matching her edgy rocker glam style so well.

Mixed metals bracelets and rings
My friend is an incredibly talented musician, hence the pictures showing her playing the keyboard. She was in the middle of showing us her latest original song when I interrupted her to take pictures of her jewelry.

Pyramid ring; overlapping coil ring; gold  midi ring (barely shown)
I always love her jewelry. I am the girl who has a ton of necklaces and she is the girl with a ton of cool rings. I love her ring collection. Only she can wear that many statement rings on one hand, and pull it off!

Rings and bracelets
This is a picture of her rings and her bracelets. I admire how she is not afraid to mix metals. She is wearing gold and silver and black bracelets. For all you jewelry-shy people out there, do not be afraid to mix metals! I personally think that mixing metals looks really good, as long as the style of jewelry still matches. If she was wearing an engagement ring or something fancy, then I would think that hunk of rock did not match and I would volunteer to take it (down the street to the pawnshop! Hahaha jk!!). But, since all these pieces had unique styles, yet a similar theme going on they all worked.

Intricate gold studded ring
I particularly love this ring! I saw it on her finger and I was thinking, Oh my gosh! I need to try it on! It just looks so amazing!

All of her jewelry were statement pieces. They showed unique styles and reflected her personality. Of course, to accessorize an outfit, you don't necessarily have to choose such big and bold pieces! A simple ring, bracelet or necklace would do too!

What types of jewelry are your favorites? Is there something you tend to wear everyday? For me, its a silver charm bracelet and this silver and pink ring. 

Til next time,

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